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Financial literacy skills

Here you will find the topics for that module.

By selecting each topic, you will get to the curriculum as well as the practice exercises.
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Basic concepts
of loan
and mortgage
Financial technology at consumer level - Use of a payment card

Explaining that if you have to make an expense for which you do not have the money immediately available, the lender (a bank or other lender) can advance the money through a loan or credit. Clarify that you then pay it back with interest. This is usually done in monthly installments. Borrowing money can be done in many different ways, adapted to the situation.

Exercises on financial technology at consumer level - Use of a payment card Explaining what a payment card is and which payment card people can choose. Informing students that a payment card gives you different options.

Exercises on

Exercises on internet banking. PC banking and mobile banking. Explaining the purpuse of PC banking or internet banking. Informing students that internet banking is a way by computer or tablet to have access to your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Personal & family budget

Exercises on how to draw up a budget if you live alone or together. We keep in mind that properly filling in a budget takes time and preparation. Before students start, they write down all there income and expenses for a month. 

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